Why Make Things Difficult, When You Can Make Them Easy Slide?



A Tight Fit
Your average card sleeve barely accommodates a card, giving you no extra material to work with. Plus, you have to pry apart the two sides to get it in there!

Double Downer
Once you put a regular sleeved card into a toploader or semi-rigid cardholder, it is nearly impossible to get it out.

A Bad Situation
When you try to remove a sleeved card from a toploader or semi-rigid, it may get damaged before it can get to the grading company!


Easy Going
With an added lip, it’s much easier to open the sleeve to get the card inside – no more blowing on the sleeve and filling it with moisture!

Tapping Out
A longer sleeve makes it easier to move sleeved cards in and out of toploaders and semi-rigid cardholders. No more tapping the cardholder against the table!

Extra Leg Room
A little added sleeve gives you extra protection, which can make a difference between a damaged and undamaged card.  

Get to Know Your Lips
• The average trading card height is 3.5 inches.

• A Small Lip card sleeve measures 3¾ inches tall, with a 1/6-inch overhanging lip.

• A Large Lip card sleeve measures 4 inches tall with a ¼-inch overhanging lip!

• Both sleeve types can hold up to a 75 pt thickness card.

How To Do It
• Place the card inside the card sleeve using the lip to maneuver. Press it down to the bottom of the sleeve.

• Insert the sleeve into the toploader or semi-rigid cardholder. Press it down to the bottom of the cardholder.

• Both Small Lip and Large Lip card sleeves are designed to fit inside Ironguard brand toploaders and semi-rigid cardholders.

What You Get
• The double-protected card is now ready to be sent off to a third party for sale, trade, or professional grading.

• The card can be easily removed from the cardholder by the gripping the extended sleeve.

• Damage to the card is minimized or eliminated, ensuring safe travel to its final destination, even if that destination is in your own collection.