​Ironguard Supplies Brings a Strong Defense to New York Comic-Con

​Ironguard Supplies Brings a Strong Defense to New York Comic-Con

Posted by DSTZach on Oct 3rd 2022

Comic conventions are one of the places where you need a good defense: defense from crowded aisles, defense from high food prices, defense for delicate cosplay outfits. You know what else needs defense? Your cards and comics. Cons are great places to pick up gaming cards, trading cards and comic books – but once purchased, they need to be protected. Like, right away.

That’s where Ironguard comes in. They say the best defense is a good offense, and Ironguard is going on the offensive at New York Comic-Con! They’re bringing the supplies to you, the collector, at booth 1056, saving you a trip to the website or your local gaming store. Get Ironguard products at special con prices, including card sleeves, toploaders, one-touch cardholders, 9-pocket pages, comic bags and more.

They’re also bringing a new invention they call the Wheel of Defense. Be one of the first ever to spin it, and you can win free card supplies, as well as new and vintage card packs to put in them!

“I’m incredibly happy for Ironguard to make its fan-convention debut at New York Comic-Con,” said Ironguard Brand Manager Ken Hyman. “Not only am I looking forward to trying some of this ‘pizza’ I’ve been hearing so much about, I’m also looking forward to talking to people about how they can keep their cards safe. Fuhgeddaboutit!”

Not coming to New York Comic-Con? Get the Ironguard card supplies you need at your local gaming store, as well as at!