Ironguard Supplies Brings their “A” Game to New York Comic-Con!

Ironguard Supplies Brings their “A” Game to New York Comic-Con!

Posted by DSTZach on Oct 5th 2023

A great singer once called New York the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of” and, grammatical concerns aside, she was right! New York City is a magical metropolis, and there’s one week a year where it gets super-duper magical – New York Comic-Con week! From October 12 to 15, fans of all kinds from around the world will descend on the Big Apple to celebrate whatever the heck they want, and Ironguard Supplies will be there!

That’s right, Ironguard Supplies, the official sponsor of The Card Life TV show and the premier purveyor of protective materials for cards, comics and more, will be set up at booth 3147! They’ll be selling Comic-Book Toploaders, Magna-Armor Magnetic Cardholders, comic bags, comic boards, card toploaders, card pages, penny sleeves and more. Stop by to protect your new show purchases!

And while you’re at the booth, how do you feel about winning things? At regular intervals throughout the weekend, your Ironguard host, IGKen, will turn on the Prize Wheel, where you get the chance to spin and win, be it a gaming card pack, comic book, pin, Minimate, D-Form and more!

And if you like winning small things, you’re gonna LOVE winning big things! At the booth, you can sign up for IG’s mailing list and enter to win $300 worth of games, gaming cards, and protection supplies, from One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic The Gathering, and more!